Retirement Plan Services

National Plan Administrators provides 403(b) Administration services to Employers. The services include a 403(b) Written Plan Document, modeled after the IRS version, electronic contribution remitting, compliance administration on plan distributions, and annual MAC analysis.

We have always viewed the simultaneous administration and sale of 403(b) products as a conflict-of-interest. By contract with the District, NPA is prohibited from marketing or selling such products, and its service and website are built upon that principle. NPA does not recommend vendors or investment products to District employees. Instead, its role is that of gatekeeper and Administrator responsible for the administration and compliance of the Employer’s 403(b) plan. NPA introduced the two-business day turnaround and was the first TPA to administer 403(b) plans for Texas Educators on a fee-basis only without the sale of product. Since 1990, when it first began administering 403(b) plans, neither NPA, nor any of its affiliates, have sold 403(b) products.

NPA provides a web-based Employer interface that allows the employer to monitor all transactions and remittances within the plan. The online system links directly to our internal record-keeping system and securely reflects real time data. The interface allows the Employer to view both current and historical records of the following information: employer remittances, loans, hardship withdrawals (both approved and disapproved), account transfers, participant data, contributions, and remittances to vendors. In addition, the Employer may access all pertinent documents and correspondence related to the plan, including Approved Vendors, Salary Reduction Agreements, Transaction Authorization Forms, and Instructions. Employees will be able to access online documentation including forms to initiate a salary reduction, to request a transfer, loan or hardship withdrawal.

NPA recognizes that expediting the payment process is essential to maintaining positive relationships with our clients. To ensure that 403(b) reductions are paid as promptly as possible, we have developed a program with Frost National Bank that will enable 403(b) product providers to receive payment and remittance advice electronically. To participate, NPA would require an Employer to submit 403(b) funds via Fedwire or Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit, and then forward the remittance advice information in an electronic format.