COBRA Administration

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) mandates that any organization with 20 or more full or part-time employees offer a "temporary continuation" of group health and Section 125 benefits to employees (and covered dependents) upon experiencing a qualifying event. As a result, Employers have been burdened with the complexities of Federal and State COBRA requirements that are fraught with stiff penalties, legal issues and productivity losses in the event of non-compliance. National Plan Administrators offers a total compliance solution that eliminates the Employer’s difficulties and confusion.

If NPA is your COBRA administrator, you as the Employer are responsible for notifying NPA upon a Qualifying Event. The information needed would include employee name, address, COBRA qualified benefits, and effective dates of coverage. Once we receive this information, NPA will notify eligible participants in a timely manner and provide applicable materials.

At the time of an employee's Qualifying Event, NPA will send the Qualified Beneficiary (QB) a packet containing all pertinent notices and enrollment forms. If a QB elects coverage, NPA will send the QB Payment Coupons stating the premium amount for the elected coverages and directions for remitting payments to NPA. Once the premium is received, NPA will remit premium amount to the insurance carrier.